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Tested and Proven: How to Spot a Legit Care Product

tested and proven how to spot a legit care product

We’ve all heard about fake designer goods – but fake beauty care products? This can be alarming! With online shopping on the rise, it is easy for us to be deceived by “legit” care products, without realizing that it can cause serious problems or irritations to our skin when applied. That is why, when shopping for the […]

The First Step toward Beautiful Skin

the first step toward beautiful skin

In these contemporary times where skincare has become a holy grail to almost everyone. A plethora of skincare products are available in the market. Because of its massive availability, it can be difficult to know which option is best for you at times. However, you must consider the product’s ingredients and the provider’s dependability. When […]

Chanel Classic Bag Price Increase Effective November 3rd


Chanel is making everyone’s wallets cry with all their price increases this year. There has already been a number of price increases that have hit 2021, this happens to be the third that has happened this year. The first increase was in January 2021 followed by an increase in July 2021 on the Classic Flap […]