Chanel US & Euro Bag Price Increase effective July 01, 2021


Chanel US bag price increases for 2021 are now updated below. For the Classic Bags from Rectangular Mini Flap Bag to Maxi Classic Flap Bag there’s a 10 to 15% increase. Just when we thought it is safe to get our hands on those Oh-So-Adorable 21A collection, the huge price hike covers most of its popular bags! A 10 to 13% increase on Chanel Boy, 19 and WOC collection. There’s also a price increase in Euro prices on some classic bags. BUY CHANEL PEARL NECKLACE ONLINE

The following price table indicates estimated price increase and may change in a few days with final price increase. The last price increase happened in January this year in the US. BUY CHANEL PEARL NECKLACE ONLINE

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Chanel Classic Bag Prices – increase 10 to 15%

StyleNew priceOld Price% Change
Chanel Square Mini Classic Flap Bag$3,800 USD$3,600 USD5.2%
Chanel Rectangular Mini Classic Flap Bag$4,400 USD$4,000 USD10%
Chanel Small Classic Flap Bag$7,100 USD$6,200 USD15%
Chanel Medium Classic Flap Bag$7,800 USD$6,800 USD15%
Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap Bag$8,500 USD$7,400 USD15%
Chanel Maxi Classic Flap Bag$9,200 USD$8,000 USD15%

Chanel Boy Bag – 10 to 11%

StyleNew priceOld Price% Change
Chanel Small Boy Bag$5,400 USD$4,900 USD10%
Chanel Medium Boy Bag$6,300 USD$5,600 USD13%
Chanel Large Boy Bag$6,900 USD$6,200 USD11%

Chanel 19 Bag – 11 to 13%

StyleNew PriceOld Price% Change
Chanel 19 Small Bag$5,700 USD$5,100 USD12%
Chanel 19 Medium Bag$6,300 USD$5,600 USD13%
Chanel 19 Large Bag$6,900 USD$6,200 USD11%

Chanel Classic WOC – 11%

StyleNew PriceOld Price% Change
Chanel Classic WOC$2,950 USD$2,650 USD11%
Chanel 19 WOCNo Changes$3,050 USDN/A
Chanel Boy WOC$3,000 USD$2,700 USD11%

Chanel Classic Bag Prices in Euro – 11%

StyleNew PriceOld Price% Change
Chanel Rectangular Mini Flap Bag€ 3,800.00€ 3,350.0013%
Chanel Small Classic Flap Bag€ 6,300.00€ 5,500.0015%
Chanel Medium Classic Flap Bag€ 6,850.00€ 6,050.0013%
Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap Bag€ 7,400.00€ 6,600.0012%

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