Chanel Pre-fall 2021 Metiers d’Art Bag Collection featuring Checkerboard


Introducing the Chanel Pre-fall 2021 bags featuring an abundance of pieces embodying magnificent simplicity. There was plenty of covetable pieces from past seasons, including the limited 4 piece mini bags set which will be available in an all white ensemble. If you’re thinking that it’s a steal with 4 bags think again as each mini would cost $7,000 USD ($28,500 for the set). Runway bags featuring detailed sequins patterns with iconic Chanel logos are available for the avid collector. The Coco Handle is made with an embellished handle in gunmetal grey; this bag is perfect for a night out but painful on your arm for everyday. CHANEL SUNGLASSES GLASSES

Classics will be available in new colorways including the Chanel 19 which will be available in a dark brown and light Caramel. This colorway is going to come in other classic styles including Boy and Flap bags. Red is going to appear this season as well in a range of hues, the most coveted will be the new Chanel Reissue mini in Rose gold hardware. CHANEL SUNGLASSES GLASSES

Mini bags were a highlight on the runway but will be discussed in a separate post.

EU and UK Prices are now updated on the next pages

July 1, 2021


Velvet & Shearling

Chanel Velvet Navy Camellia Mini Bag - Prefall 2021
Chanel Velvet Mustard Yellow Mini Bag - Prefall 2021
Chanel Velvet Mini Bag - Prefall 2021
StyleUS Price
Chanel Mini Velvet Camellia Bag$3,800 USD
Chanel Velvet Strass & Gold Enclosure$4,700 USD
Chanel CC Velvet Strass with Gems$6,200 USD
Chanel Drawstring with Velvet and Calfskin Bag$5,700 USD
Chanel Shearling Checkered Drawstring Bag$5,700 USD
Chanel Shearling Checkered Flap Bag$5,000 USD
Chanel Jumbo Trim Shearling Flap Bag$5,700 USD

Classic Bags

Chanel White Small Boy Bag - Prefall 2021
Chanel Mini Re-issue Bag$4,000 USD
Chanel Horizontal Mini Flap Bag$3,600 USD
Chanel 19 Small Light Grey Tweed Bag$4,900 USD
Chanel 19 Medium Dark Grey Tweed Bag$5,400 USD
Chanel 19 Shearling Bag (not pictured)$5,800 USD
Chanel Embellished Coco Handle Bag (comes in 2 sizes)Mini – $4,800 USD, Medium – $5,300 USD

See classic bag prices in USD here

Embellished & Chained

Chanel Embroidered Drawstring Bag
Chanel Sequins Floral Checkered Runway Flap Bag$11,400 USD
Chanel Sequins Floral Checkered Shopping Tote$9,500 USD
Chanel Mini Velvet CC Embellished Bag (Flap & 2.55)$10,000 USD
Chanel Grey Embellished Wool BagTBD
Chanel Green Sequins Flap Bag$18,200 USD
Chanel Pearl Clutch Bag$4,100 USD
Chanel Pearl Drawstring Bag$5,100 USD
Chanel Enchained Drawstring Bag$6,400 USD
Chanel Shopping Bag with Mini Flap$7,900 USD
Chanel Geometric Lambskin Checkered Bag (comes in Mini)$4,400 -$7,500 USD
Chanel Embroidered Sequins Drawstring Bag$9,600 USD

Flaps with New Straps

Chanel XL Woc with Adjustable Strap - Prefall 2021
Chanel White Medallion Strap Bag - Prefall 2021

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