Choose the Best Hairstyle for Your Face Shape!


Sholak Fragrances has prepared a short guide you can use:

  • OvalHaving an oval face shape means that your forehead measures a bit wider than your chin, while the length of your face is approximately half its width. If you have this kind of face shape, rejoice! It means that you can pull off almost any kind of hairstyle without it looking awkward on you. Just make sure you keep your hair well-nourished with the proper Hair care products in Texas from us and you should be good to go. BLEU DE CHANEL BY CHANEL FOR MEN
  • RoundThis implies that you have full cheeks and that the length and width of your face are almost equal. A hairstyle that would best compliment you would be something that comes with layers and added definition. Feel free to experiment with highlights or a side part! The important thing is that you break uniformity with texture. BLEU DE CHANEL BY CHANEL FOR MEN
  • SquareThis face shape is defined with an angular chin and prominent jaw (that is almost the same width as your forehead). To look your best, go with a hairstyle which significantly softens your features. Try having long fringes that give a lot of movement and texture.
  • OblongIt is almost similar to rounded face shape, but with a narrower chin. The most flattering cut for you would be something which creates a lot of volume along the jawline. Select a style which frames your face, jawline, and neck for added sophistication.
  • HeartThis refers to having a wider forehead and cheekbones in comparison to the jawline and chin. Accentuate the features of your face the right way by opting for a cut that comes with a side-swept fringe and layers. This will give you balance and better aesthetics.

But wait, is having the right haircut enough to bring out your best look? Aside from paying attention to hair care, you should also take time to pamper your face and skin! Try the Skin Care Products in Plano, Texas that we offer for best results.

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