Hair Extensions vs Weaves: Key Differences


A woman’s hair is her crowning glory and with numerous cosmetic products and hair care treatments available, there are many ways to help improve your look. Among the two most popular treatments for women are weaves and hair extensions. Over time, the two have become interchangeable despite their differences. DOLCE & GABBANA THE ONE GREY FOR MEN

If you’re planning on getting either of the two procedures done, read on below to learn its main differences.

  1. Extensions
    Hair extensions can be comprised of artificial or human air and are typically attached to natural hair through adhesives, clip-on, or even copper links. This treatment can help lengthen your hair and is applied strand-by-strand. Unlike wigs, they appear more natural as it’s a time-consuming process that can cost more due to the labor and time it takes. It’s results, however, are often great and worth the money and time you invest.
  2. Weaves
    Weaves, on the other hand, can change your hair’s appearance completely. Although it’s also comprised of human and artificial hair, it’s usually added or used to cover the entire natural hair through a hairpiece. This adds more volume, thickness, and length, especially for women who have thinning hair. The process can also refer to braided hair, wherein artificial or human hair is sewed from one side to another. DOLCE & GABBANA THE ONE GREY FOR MEN

To summarize, weaving is a method wherein the whole natural hair is braided to sew hair extensions from one side to another without glues or adhesives. In contrast, extensions are strand-by-strand applications for longer hair through adhesives. Both of these methods can benefit from hair care products in Texas to prolong and maintain its quality.

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