Skin Hyperpigmentation: 3 Types That You Need to Know


Have you noticed unusual darkening of your skin? You may be having hyperpigmentation. The melanin in our body is responsible for the pigment of our skin color. When melanin is excessively produced by the melanocytes, hyperpigmentation occurs. The production of melanin can be triggered by different factors, such as too much exposure to the sun, chemotherapy treatments, pregnancy hormones, and endocrine diseases. While there are Skin Care Products in Plano, Texas that can help remedy hyperpigmentation, you can also take advantage of having additional knowledge. PARIS HILTON EAU DE PARFUM

Skin hyperpigmentation is usually harmless, but it can be a sign of another medical condition. When you’re worried about your hyperpigmentation, consult with a dermatologist so they can help provide the diagnosis and treatment.

Hyperpigmentation comes in three different types, namely:

  1. MelasmaThis episode of hyperpigmentation commonly occurs in a pregnant woman’s body due to their hormonal changes. The darkened patches or appearance can appear anywhere on the body, but mostly on the face and abdomen.
  2. SunspotsThis type of hyperpigmentation is also called liver spots or in other words, solar lentigenes. This type is closely associated with too much exposure to the sun, thus, the name. The spots typically occur in the body parts which are greatly exposed to the sun, especially the hands and the face.
  3. Post-inflammatoryThis is the type of hyperpigmentation that comes as a result of a skin injury. This usually happens when the skin hits on a very hard object.

With hyperpigmentation, it’s important to note that the patches can have different sizes for different people. These can also develop in different parts of the body. However, when you properly take care of your skin, especially by selecting trusted Cosmetic Products, you can prevent the occurrences of hyperpigmentation, or reduce the risks of its occurring. PARIS HILTON EAU DE PARFUM

If you’ve been noticing these kinds of occurrences on your skin, remember that these darkened areas can disappear on their own time. You can even apply skin treatments to reduce the darkening. If you’re interested to know about other skin care products, visit us at Sholak Fragrances.

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