Chanel M’étiers D’Art Pre-Fall 2021 Runway Bags


This season due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Chanel scrapped their original plan of having guests attend this year’s Chanel M’étiers D’Art show for Pre-fall 2021, which occurred at the historic Château de Chenonceau. The Pre-fall collection is normally hold in an exotic locale but to maintain safety standards it was hold in France with no attendees but a virtual audience. BUY CHANEL MINI SHOULDER BAG

The bags presented these season were more opulent and intricate. Velvet was include again this season adorn with minute pearls designe in the iconic CC.  Shearling was also utilize and feature in a variety of mini flap bags with encrusted jewel like enclosures.  Mini bags were present, albeit, less abundant that in previous seasons. A new mini card holder sized purse with top-handle was present in pink and turquoise tones. Overall, the bags in this collection were much more decadent and delightful than past seasons that Virgine Viard has presented. We look forward to the full assortment once it arrives next year. BUY CHANEL MINI SHOULDER BAG


Chanel Embellished Flap Bag - Prefall 2021
Chanel Velvet Satchel - Prefall 2021
Chanel Minaudiere - Prefall 2021
Chanel Mini Plexi Waist Bag - Prefall 2021
CHanel Mini WOC with Top Handle - Prefall 2021
Chanel Pre-fall 2021 Runway
Chanel Chain Sac Bag - Prefall 2021
Chanel Runway Flap - Prefall 2021
Chanel Shearling Bag - Prefall 2021
Chanel Shearling Black and White Bag - Prefall 2021
Chanel Camellia Mini Pink WOC - Prefall 2021

I am not sure but I have a feeling it’s because I last posted about a Fuschia/pink color Chanel Mini WOC with Pearl chain. Apparently there is a version of this coming out for winter unless I am completely mistaken, that it’s not just coming out in black.

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