Chanel Pre-Spring 2021 Bag Collection featuring Jewel Chains


Introducing the bags of Chanel Spring 2021 – Act 1 (Pre-Spring), which includes Raffia Basket weave styles and decadent candy chains. This season mini flap bags were the main focus as there were numerous flaps adorned in ‘Rainbow Metal’ and bedazzled with gems on the chain. As its speculated that prices are increasing effective January 15, it is apparent that some new styles appear at a higher price point. is only $3,600 USD, a $500 difference that would be less obvious once the new prices are in effect. More information is posted when it arrives. CHANEL BEIGE PINK CASHMERE SCARF

Note Prices below have been updated for January 15, 2021 Price Increase, affects a few styles

Some notable styles that we love include the new Raffia basket weave bags made of a much tighter woven material. Iridescent bags that were reminiscent in Cruise 2021 are bag but this time in the Chanel 19 style. A new textile print is also available in Chanel 19 including the new CC wave print and the Houndstooth print that was popular in the Fall 2019 season.  The favorite Coco handle will be available in a new rainbow handle style, which is a nice departure from the classic leather handle. CHANEL BEIGE PINK CASHMERE SCARF

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Chanel Raffia

Chanel Beige Raffia Deauville Tote - Spring 2021
Chanel Black Raffia Tote - Spring 2021
Chanel Raffia Flap Bag - Pink - Spring 2021
Chanel Raffia Messenger - Spring 2021
StyleNew PriceOld Price
Chanel Raffia Deauville Tote Bag$4,600 USD$4,500 USD
Chanel Red Raffia Medium Flap BagNo Change$3,400 USD
Chanel Beige and Black Raffia Drawstring BagNo Change$3,600 USD

Chanel 19

Chanel White Iridescent 19 Bag - Spring 2021
Chanel 19 Pink Iridescent - Spring 2021
Chanel 19 Small Tie-Dye Calfskin - Spring 2021
Chanel 19 Wave CC Print - Cruise 2021
Chanel 19 Small Tweed Yellow Bag - Cruise 2021
Chanel 19 Houndstooth Navy - Spring 2021
Chanel 19 Blue Lambskin bag - Spring 2021
Chanel 19 Caramel Bag - Spring 2021
Chanel 19 Red Whipstitched Bag - Spring 2021
StyleNew PriceOld Price
Chanel 19 Small Iridescent Bag$5,200 USD$5,000 USD
Chanel 19 Large Iridescent Bag$5,700 USD$5,500 USD
Chanel 19 Tie-Dye Blue Calfskin Bag$5,500 USD$5,400 USD
Chanel 19 CC Printed Fabric BagNo Change$4,900 USD
Chanel 19 Tweed Yellow BagNo Change$4,700 USD
Chanel 19 Navy Houndstooth Tweed BagNo Change$4,700 USD
Chanel 19 Flap Bag (Caramel or Blue)$5,100 USD$4,800 USD
Chanel 19 Red Whipstitch Lambskin Bag$5,800 USD$5,600 USD

Chanel Flaps

Chanel Silver Mini Bag - Spring 2021
Chanel Resin Chain Mini Bag - Spring 2021
Chanel Black Resin Chain Mini Bag
Chanel Rainbow Metal Blue Flap Bag - Spring 2021
Chanel Rainbow Metal Green Flap Bag
Chanel Rainbow Metal Pink Flap Bag
Chanel Scarf Entwined Chain Yellow Flap Bag
Chanel Scarf Entwined Chain Green Mini Flap Bag $3,500 USD
Chanel Shiny Lambskin Leather Entwined Chain Flap

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