What Causes Skin Hyperpigmentation

what causes skin hyperpigmentation

When something is different in our bodies, we tend to notice it. Have you seen some patches that appear darker than the rest? It may be time to consult a trusted dermatologist. what causes skin hyperpigmentation

Our skin contains pigments that determine its color. Unfortunately, some cases lead to darker skin color. Hyperpigmentation generally describes the darkening appearance of some parts of the skin.

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And just like any issue, understanding the cause or reason why this condition happens can help you decide the better solution. Here are the common reasons for skin hyperpigmentation. what causes skin hyperpigmentation

  • Changes in hormone levels
    Melasma happens as the quantities of hormones in our body change. For example, pregnancy increases the production of other hormones necessary for the process but may cause darkened skin color in some areas.
  • Excess sun exposure
    Sunspots are from long-term exposure to the sun. This can be observed in less or unprotected areas such as the face or hands. Sunspots or liver spots can be addressed with protective clothing and applying sunscreen.
  • Inflammation to the skin
    You may notice the parts near the acne is darker than the surrounding skin. Inflammation in the skin causes a darkened appearance that may become distinctive later on. Addressing the cause of inflammation is important to eliminate the visible effect.

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